Koby Learning Group offers day camps and intensive study options during the spring and summer breaks defined by the local school districts. For both adults and children, we provide opportunities to boost language and academic skills. For children, we also offer fun language learning in a camp setting. Most of these classes are in 3-hour increments with options of 2, 3 or 5 days a week, and correlate well with family schedules. This option is ideal for those wanting to reach personal goals in a short time. Click on the brochure link below for upcoming break information.

Winter ESL Fun Camp

4-day English Camp in Winter Break!

January 2nd (Tuesday) – 5th (Friday)


When school is closed, Koby Learning Group offers your children a fun and effective study opportunity.
KLG’s experienced instructors will lead students in effective English learning activities for preschool, elementary, and junior/senior high students during Winter ESL Fun Camp. Through interaction with our native English-speaking teachers, children can naturally increase their language skills.
At camp, students will study English, science, make crafts, and have educational game time. Through fun activities, the children will not only learn new vocabulary, but also improve their communication skills and knowledge about US school and social life in a fun and natural way.


Junior High & Senior High students will also focus on drills and speaking practice.


  • Each class is limited to 12 students. Register early to guarantee your spot!
  • Camp runs for 4 days, January 2nd (Tuesday) – 5th (Friday).
  • If 2 or more members of the same household are enrolled, each additional enrolled member receives a 5% discount.
  • It is also possible to participate 2 days a week, or 3 days a week at a rate of $35/day (no discounts are available on the day rate).


2017 Winter Camp - January 2nd-5th

CAMP-PK 4-5 Years
CAMP-EL Elementary9:30am-12:30pm$130
Jr./Sr. High9:30am-12:30pm$130