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Koby Learning Group (KLG) provides exceptional language learning opportunities for employees and their families, cross-cultural training, translation and interpretation assistance, plus many more additional services. KLG has experienced teachers, staff, a friendly learning environment, proven educational standards, and authorized testing facilities.

KLG will enable your employees and families to maximize their learning potential and ensure successful integration into American or overseas markets and expatriate life. KLG offers a flat-rate corporate discount, with greater than regular customer discounts.  See below for more information and contact our office today to set up a Free Consultation.

Do you work with the global market? Do you have international customers? Do you have expatriate employees? Here at KLG we have many diverse services that can help you and your company succeed. As a corporate client, your discount includes, but is not limited to, the following services:

 Services and Classes

• Private, Group, and Corporate Classes (for adults & children)
• On-site (at KLG’s facilities), In-Office (at your workplace), and Online (Skype) class options
• Confidential (NDA) Private Lessons
• Children’s Academic Tutoring & Homework Assistance
• ESL and Foreign Language Classes & Camps
• Testing Services: TOEIC, ITEP, TOEFL-IBT, SAT, ACT, PSAT, EIKEN, and more…
• Mock Practice Exams
• Cross-Cultural Training
• Educational Seminars
• Translation and Interpretation Services (15+ languages, including American Sign Language) available at a discount
• and more…

Available Free services for Corporate Clients, their Employees and Family Members:

• Consultations about our services
• Level Check (to ensure your employees are in the correct level classes)
• Completion Certificate
• Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual Evaluation report on all employees from your company
• and more…


Meet the Administration of Koby Learning Group

(From Left to Right: Alicia Smith – Head of Marketing, Jennifer May – Business Manager,

Christina Pierce – CEO, Mieko Inaba – Customer Relations Manager)

Other Services (KLG provides at cost):

• Childcare Services (Babysitting and Drop-Off Childcare, 9am-5pm)
• Hobby Classes (i.e. arts and crafts, cooking, etc.)
• One Day Seminars
• and more…


 Current Companies Receiving Corporate Discount at Koby Learning Group:

Corporate Account Incentives

Discounts are dependent upon the number of employees currently enrolled.

Number of
Employees Registered

• Listed discounts are for company employees
Family member discounts start at 10% off
Registration Discount starts at 50% off
Invoices billed directly to company receives an additional 5% off
• Cannot be combined with other KLG discounts or campaigns (Employee can choose the best discount)

Contact Jennifer May to schedule a free consultation today. We will come to your company to provide a presentation about our corporate services. 

Corporate Account Incentives


Contact Information

Contact: Jennifer May

Phone: (Office) 248-513-4635,
(Cell) 313-719-6629


Office Hours

Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM – 9:00PM

Saturday: 9:00 AM – 3:00PM

Office Address

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