Koby Learning Group offers a plethora of services at our Novi location. Individuals, companies, and interest groups can make use of our interpretation & translation services, and rent rooms at reasonable rates, On-site customers can take advantage of our helpful and friendly babysitting services, and Yamato America customers can drop off packages at our convenient location. Additionally, companies can partner with us for special discounts through our Corporate Accounts program.

Hanjin Express Package Drop-Off

We are an official Hanjin Express Package Drop-Off location.

Yamato Package Drop-Off

We are an official Yamato Package Drop-Off location.

Translation & Interpretation

Affordable and friendly translation, editing, and interpretation services.

Corporate Accounts

Making a corporate account at KLG enables all company employees to receive special discounts.


On-site babysitting service available for enrolled students.

Room Rental Overview

Rent a room for your next meeting or event!